10 Amazing Extreme Athletes to Follow on Instagram

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There are some real life heroes jumping out of plans and off cliffs…From jaw dropping, gravity defying videos and photos, to underwater shots, these definitely aren’t your average hot and sweaty athletes.

Here is some real life extreme action, right on your screen. Not only will your thumbs be working, but your eyes too; as you gawk at these adrenaline junkie Instagram accounts!
(above photo by @brent_falls

1. @kacycatanzaro
She is a real life ninja. Paddleboard pushups are just like a walk in the park for this little ninja. Kacy is the first woman to qualify for American Ninja Warrior TV Show. For more exercise ideas from Casey, check her out; she will keep your eyes fit and strong just by watching her.


2. @brent_falls
He is the red squirrel man above the earth. Vertigo is popular to catch when you watch this awesome and talented man. This professional and spectacular skydiving feed that is filled with awe-inspiring shots, will get your adrenaline pumping. No pre workout required before the gym if you are following this guy, just check out some of his posts.


3. @nateadams741
Pro motor cross rider, Nate Adams ignited the competitive scene on fire at the sweet age of 18 and he’s been tallying up accomplishments since. These include gold medals at the X Games and Gravity Games. His IG gives you a slither and peephole into what it feels like to live in the fast lane of a daredevil’s gravity and death defying lifestyle. Hold your breath folks, because this is some awesome bone shattering stuff.


4. @aaronchase
Some days it is airtime with wheels and others he leaves the wheels behind. Aaron Chase is a mountain biker who makes a mountain go from impossible into I’m possible. From riding tracks unattainable into attainable. Not only will you get to zoom along on a bike with him on IG, but you will also get to see some breath-taking Whistler, British Columbia as you follow him too.


5. @jamieanderson
Follow Jamie as she shreds the slopes and carves her way through the snowy mountains. Jamie will make you see how a gold medalist really lives. Her epic yoga poses and rad mountain runs not only push her to the limits but also make most of us see outside our comfort zones. Boy does it make you feel alive! She knows how to grab life by the horns.


6. @robbiecrawford
What’s almost as beautiful as riding the perfect wave? Snapping the perfect sunset shot of the perfect wave, of course. You might have spotted some of digital artist Robbie Crawford’s work in Urban Outfitters, but you can get your fill of stunning California sunsets on his Instagram feed, too!


7. @nicktroutmankayak
Baby on board! World freestyle kayak champion, Nick Troutman is all smiles and bubbles of happiness when he shares his passion and love with his greatest cheerleader, his son. They ride together in the snowy Loveland Pass in Colorado. It will make you think your family activities are a little boring.


8. @skies_call
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly…Free spirited, free skydiver, and yogi Kristian makes slack-lining look easy, but as we all know that ain’t true. With killer sunsets and a core more ripped than your old pair of ripped jeans from balance training, you wont know where to look.


9. @gabatronix
Heights are no great feat for Gaby James, a rock climber who posts about her adventures on the blog Dirt Barbies. She has skills and lightening speed always making it to the top before the sun comes down!


10. @jtholmesjr
BASE jumper and skier, JT Holmes drops into the Fjords of Norway with such grace, you would think he comes from the heavens or descended from a family of birds. Following his IG will make you feel exhilarated looking at all his sensational posts.




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