8 Beautiful Instagram Accounts to Discover Cuba

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If you are reading this from some place where the sun barely warms up the day, then these accounts will help you escape the chill and invite you to discover the beauty of Cuba. They are also the perfect profiles to follow for those who have always wanted to know more about this nation or plan to make it the destination of their next trip abroad.
(above photo by @low843)


1. @low843
The account of photographer Michael Petit will certainly fill your Instagram feed with beautifully composed images of the Cuban people. You will also gain an appreciation for the vintage cars that populate the streets of Havana and Michael’s masterful incorporation of the city’s architecture as a backdrop.


2. @ig_cuba
Described as the official Instagram community in Cuba, this account brings to light the work of other photographers that have visited or live in this country and have captured scenes that are worth sharing with a wider audience. Follow it to explore the region and discover other interesting Instagrammers.


3. @cubareporter
Patrick is an American TV correspondent based in Havana that has had his photos featured in diverse outlets, including Instagram’s official blog. His photos not only give you a journalistic approach to what’s currently happening on the island, but also his own point of view of the country’s humor and idiosyncrasies.


4. @cuba_gallery
If Caribbean beaches are the first thing that come to mind when you think of Cuba, then this account will put a smile on your face. I definitely recommend checking out these photos when you’re stuck late in the office or during cold and rainy days. Even if you can’t travel there right now, your mind will enjoy the pleasant break.


5. @habanawalkers
This account specializes in street shots of Cuba, along with shots of locals. It gives a great look into the regular daily life of Cubans.


6. @amberly_alene
Amberly is a writer and filmmaker based in Habana. Her work focuses on social issues of our diverse human experiences and her Instagram is a great glimpse into it.


7. @cubaphoto
Kenna is a travel photographer and her images are pretty awesome. She captures the culture and people in a captivating way. A must follow!


8. @cuba.cu
The official Instagram account of the Cuban government promotes not only the island but also its culture and most recent news. Note that this account publishes most of its content in Spanish, with occasional updates in English, so it will test your language skills before you get on the plane that will take you there.





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