An Instagram Generation

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An Instagram Generation from Ravi Vora on Vimeo.

Why would more than 100 strangers get together, on a cloudy day at the beach, and take pictures of each other? Why would they stand precariously on the edge of a pier or jump repeatedly in the middle of a crowded walkway? All for the photo. All for Instagram. This is a behind-the-scenes look at why there is a burgeoning community of people meeting up and taking pictures together in this never before seen social environment.

Ravi Vora, a director in Los Angeles, California has filmed one of the largest instameets to date to show us just what happens when a bunch of photography enthusiasts get together through an app that helps makes photography accessible to everyone. Ravi Vora directs and writes commercials, music videos, and narrative films, with a background in advertising. See more of his work at and you can follow his photos here.


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