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Brief Olloclip review

By Matt Glastonbury, accomplished Mobile Photographer, providing great tutorials and App reviews. Matt is an independent blogger who acts as a Contributing Editor to Ink361. (Add Matt on Google Plus)

Olloclip recently sent us one of their three-in-one lens combos to try out. The olloclip slides over the iPhone’s rear camera, allowing you to adjust it to fish-eye, wide-angle, or macro. Mia and I have been using these lenses for a couple of years now and have found them to be a great addition, and must-have, for our mobile photography kits.

We tested:
Olloclip for iPhone 5, and some of the photos are from the olloclip iPhone 4S

Things we love:
Well made
Easy to use
Better than the competition
The iPod adapter

Things we would like to see:
Less lens distortion on the outer edges
Available for popular Android phones
Macro focus-range not so extreme
An app that helps to correct some of the distortion.

The lens I make the most use of would have to be the Macro. (This can be used by twisting off the wide-angle lens) While it’s not as good as using a DSLR Macro, it certainly, very easily, brings the world of Macro Photography to any iPhone user. For many, that’s a wonderful introduction to a different way of taking photos that they have never been able to try and may never would have.

In some circumstances the fish-eye is an awesome way to capture a lot in the photo that wouldn’t normally be possible, but I find the wide-angle is the best for every day photography.
See the top top three images. TL is the straight iPhone shot. TM is the wide-angle, and TR is the fish-eye. This gives you a good idea of how much more each of the lenses can give you.

Concluding.. We’ve been using the olloclips since the iPhone 4, and love the extra capabilities they bring to our smart phones. The build quality is great, the customer service (when you loose a lens cap!) is excellent, and spare bits are available. All things considered, the olloclip lens system is terrific to have in your pocket when you need to get in REALLY close, or want to squeeze a lot of wide-angle into your shots. We take them out with us all the time, that way they’re are available for those interesting shots.

They get a big thumbs up from us!


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