10 of the BEST FREEBIES on Instagram

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Haven’t had the time to go out and shoot or just want to give your Instagrams a little extra OOMPH?

This week, we have put together a list of the best FREE resources for you to get your creativity on. From free-for-all images for you to download and edit to textures and graphics for you to add to your own photos, we have you covered!

If you have never come across these before, “Free-for-all” images are images artists provide for you to edit and post on your own feed. Textures and graphics work in a similar manner and can be applied using apps like Image Blender. Just make sure you credit the original artist to show some love.

Free for All by Jared Stauffer

This awesome Instagrammer has released not one but TWO collections of images for you to edit. Check it out here.

Edits by @adiraka_, @j_m_i, @jrsutton3, @kilogic, @lucidloops

Free for All by Tyler Forest-Hauser

Consisting mostly of nature shots, this collection is perfect for those of us that live in the city and don’t get a chance to snap these gorgeous photos. Download here.

Edits by @sistergoldenhair00, @fakhruddinmazlan, @jennaberrybean, @yapompiow, @danielanthony_

Free for All by Dave Krugman

This next collection of images is a mix of both nature and urban landscapes. All of these awesome images were taken with an iPhone 4S! Get them here.

Edits by @tspogli, @tonyramirez, @deerp0ng, @curious2119, @kevinswx

Free for All by Djae Outlaw

His silhouette with the balloons is probably one of the most edited free for all images on all of Instagram and it is easy to see why. Check out some of this photographers other stunning images here.

Edits by @buckhorijuniansyah, @mcknd, @mindsqueeze, @joelzeee, @_berend

Free for All by Dan Otis

A large variety of breath-taking imagery, this collection of images is one of our favourites. Take a look for yourself and see why here.

Edits by @moonsterdance, @tengkudenxv, @anagdl, @kilogic, @yapompiow

Edit These Photos by Kyle Ng

One of the newest additions to the “Free for all” movement, this collection is worth getting your hands on. Be one of the first to edit these images here.

Edits by @kyleng

ND Patterns by Neal Dieker

One of the oldest and certainly one of the best freebies on Instagram, ND Patterns adds extra geometric patterns to give your photos a fresh and cool look. Get them here.

Edits by @tannerjorgenson, @justinjohnstons, @marcosalonzo22, @jedrjohnson, @kurt_jalapeno

Lory Stripes by Laurent Rosset

From landscapes to architecture, these stripes certainly take photos to another dimension adding movement and perspective. Check out the THREE collections here.

Edits by @courtwilbur, @seanlynam, @laylaknee, @erica_loret, @antikytheraz

Mextures by Merek Davis

This collection of textures have become so popular it now has its own app! Check out the original mextures to see why people love them so much here.

Edits by @cggphoto, @mohammadlc, @samgonzales12, @dust_in_time, @rjbcme

Collage Packs by Douglas Hale

One of the most unique freebies, this collection is a batch of vintage black and white add ons to create cool stories with your photos. Download them here.

Edits by @gsusmonroy, @missmauw, @adrianxthe, @plliquoranet, @robbdoggydogg
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