How To Take Videos With Instagram

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Adapted from “Taking better videos with Instagram” by Matt Glastonbury, accomplished Mobile Photographer, providing great tutorials and App reviews. Matt is an independent blogger who acts as a Contributing Editor to Ink361. (Add Matt on Google Plus)

This week Instagram has included, four-fifteen second, video recording as part of their visual sharing platform. And as of this morning, also supports viewing Instavids in their browser too. So, I thought it would be a great time to offer some suggestions and tips on using Instagram and your mobile phone to take videos. Probably the biggest problem with taking video footage on such a small handset is keeping it steady, so luckily Instagram has built in an option to smooth out the bumps, but it’s not a fix-all by-any-means. I can highly recommend getting the Joby GripTight Video GorillaPod, because it has a panning handle, with smooth movement, with magnetic feet too. Setting your phone on a tripod really makes a big difference to your clips!

Step 1: Holding the phone vertically, adjust the exposure/focus by pressing on the lighter areas of your scene. This helps set the camera with lower amounts of noise in your recording, and reduces over-exposing bright areas.

Step 2: Press and hold the movie button down for anywhere between 2-15 seconds to get a small recording saved in temporary memory. Repeat that action till you fill the full clip’s time-line. Tip: Holding the record button for a few seconds, (you need a minimum of four seconds total—you don’t need to fill the full fifteen) and waiting for interesting things to occur in your scene, and even changing scenes, and pressing again, allows you to make a segmented, fifteen second clips, with variations/segments in it.

Step 3: Delete, and, re-record any segments you with to do again.

Step 4: Choose your filter, or switch the anti-shake on or off.

Step 5: Slide your finger across the bottom clip to select a Cover Frame, which will be the still image displayed on everyone’s feeds before they see your clip.

Step 6: Post to all your favorite other social media sites, after adding the location data and typing in your caption. Tip: If you have recorded your clip in sections, you are able to go back to the recording screen and delete the previous sections and re-record them again if you need. But, once you hit post, there’s no more editing. Sharing: If you have already posted your video to Instagram, you can now find it in your Instagram feed, and press the three dots, bottom right of the post, to Share it with your other social sites, and even re-type a different caption. (this also works for still images too) You can also copy the movie’s URL and send that to someone, or email a thumbnail of it with a link to the original file. Inspiration: For interesting perspectives try attaching your phone to a skateboard, or toy with wheels, or something that rolls on a flat surface, to record scenes while you move smoothly and slowly. (Jerky, and quick, movements are not very pleasing to watch on video) When you’re out Instagramming, try taking your stills like normal, but also do a movie and even record it in the same way as the still except simply try moving-in towards, or past, the scene really slowly, so people can get a sense of what it’s like to be where you are, while still enjoying the almost-still perspective. File sizes: Your saved video files, are 640 x 640 pixels, that run at 25 frames per second, at a Data Rate of 3099kbps, and average around six megabytes per file. Concluding.. Videos are a great way to compliment your photo sessions, and, interestingly, are only possible through actually being on-site and posting them, since you can’t open your existing recordings in the Instagram app, or record and post later. I’ve been taking videos at our mobile phone shoots, for some time now, and have only been able to post to YouTube or Vimeo. It’s great to see we can now share them on IG.. I can’t wait to see everyone’s still, and moving, images coming through!


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