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Litterati is a movement started by a father who wants to create a better world for his children. Inspired by the power of Instagram, the project aims to clean the planet – one piece of litter at a time.

Litterati from Jeff Kirschner on Vimeo.

Here’s how it works:
1. Find a piece of litter.
2. Photograph it with Instagram.
3. Add the hashtag “#litterati”
4. Throw away or recycle the litter.

We started by building the Digital Landfill, a photo gallery of all the litter people are picking up. Then we started collecting data and added a global map which pinpoints the locations where litter is emerging, and identifies the most commonly found brands and product types.

Leveraging the data can help us solve the longstanding global litter problem. For example, because we know more about where litter is appearing, we can be more strategic about the placement of trash cans and recycling units. And because we know which brands are most commonly found, we can have conversations with companies to design more sustainable packaging solutions or create marketing campaigns that reward people for cleaning the planet. There may also be an opportunity to introduce game mechanics such as virtual badges and leaderboards.

When we look around and see all the litter surrounding us, the problem can seem overwhelming; almost insurmountable. But the reality is each of us can make a difference. One piece at a time. After all, that’s how this whole story began.

PS: We are doing a “Litter” Challenge starting on Friday in conjunction with our friends at @Litterati. Get your cameras ready!


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