App Stacking Tutorial

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“App Stacking Tutorial” by Matt Glastonbury, accomplished Mobile Photographer, providing great tutorials and App reviews. Matt is an independent blogger who acts as a Contributing Editor to Ink361. (Add Matt on Google Plus)

In this tutorial we are going over some more advanced post-processing by using multiple apps to create different results, and blending them together. This process is called App Stacking. App Stacking is referring to stacking, or layering, the results from many apps, into one final image. Step 1: Selected my original photo Step 2: Opened the photo in Cross Process app, using Basic settings. Step 3: Used ImageBlender to blend the original with the Cross Processed image in Step 2, because Cross Process created too much contrast, but still a lovely film effect. By blending with the original you can control the amount of Cross Processing applied. Step 4: Opened Over app, and overlaid my written message. Over app is great for lovely text and stylised messages. Step 5: Using VSCOcam app, I enhanced the shadows, and exposure, to improve the mid-tones, tint, and give the image more of a film appearance. Step 6: The final result of using ImageBlender to blend images from steps 5 and 6. Once again I lessened the results from other apps by blending before and after images. This really gives you more control over how extreme your edits are. Concluding.. App stacking is a never-ending post-processing that can be a lot if fun. You can experiment with any number of different apps that give you different results and effects. The recipes are endless, and the results can be fascinating. Give it a try.


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