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“Tilt-shift Tutorial” by Matt Glastonbury, accomplished Mobile Photographer, providing great tutorials and App reviews. Matt is an independent blogger who acts as a Contributing Editor to Ink361. (Add Matt on Google Plus)

Today’s tutorial is about imitating Tilt-Shift photography by using blur tools on your mobile device. Tilt-shift, or selective focus, can also be used to replicate a miniature scene. Sometimes the term Tilt-Shift is used when the shallow depth of field/short-focus is simulated with blurring parts of an image. The name comes from the actual Tilt–Shift lens, which is normally used to create the effect optically. Here, we use Snapseed to reproduce the Tilt-Shift effect.  

Step 1: Open Snapseed and choose your preferred photo, then select the Tilt-Shift option. Tip: If you want to re-create a miniature scene, the blurring works best when your camera’s perspective points down slightly. This way you can emphasise the blurring effect by easily de-focusing the background. This is almost impossible when your photo is looking straight ahead.

Step 2 and 3: set your blur Transition, and then Blur Strength, by first swiping up and down to select the different tool properties. Tip: moving the sliders left and right when selecting the Blur Strength„ and Transition, will enable you to choose how blurry your background, and foreground get, and also how quickly the focused area transitions to blurry. Step 4: By using both fingers you can swipe in a circular motion to rotate the tilt-shift tool. This enables you to line-up the best possible angle. Step 5: Test where the best place to position the focus-point is by moving the tool around the scene. In this case, I chose the people and their pathway to be in focus. The resulting image resembles a miniature scene. Concluding.. Tilt-Shift blur tools can not only be found in Snapseed, but also in the Instagram app itself, by pressing on the Drop Icon when choosing your filter. It’s a wonderful way of emphasising part of your photos, and even covering up blemishes. Most of all it can really create a unique looking perspective similar to what you may see with a DSLR or real Tilt-Shift lens. If you are up for a challenge, head over to my feed, I’m running a Tilt-Shift contest right now.


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