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Bio: Hello, my name is Christina Stanley – @expacs. I grew up in Southern Utah, moved to Northern Utah for a decade, and recently moved to Las Vegas, back to the desert that I love. Like many IGers, I have always loved photography but was never very dedicated until I discovered Instagram. I have two young girls and am a bit of a paranoid germaphobe, so we spend our free time enjoying Mother Nature where there is less chance of picking up Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease and nobody that complains about rambunctious kids.

Description: This photo was taken at Valley of Fire State Park, a little over an hour north of Las Vegas. As usual, we arrived later than planned and were running out of light. Naturally, I was pouting about it and didn’t want to bother getting out of the car. Lucky for me, my husband and kids wanted to explore in the 105 degree heat anyway, so we got out and witnessed an incredible sunset over a sea of red rock for our efforts. Please visit Valley of Fire next time you are in Vegas, you’ll thank me later.

Process: Shot with iPhone 4s native camera. Crop to 1:1 in Snapseed. After checking out every last filter offered in Vscocam, Picfx, Afterlight, and Pixlromatic+, I decide I like a natural look best and go with Vscocam 06. First I increase the Fill slightly, then I apply the filter, then I add a few layers of fade because that is my current taste. Next, I add a bit of noise reduction in Filterstorm. Then I pester my husband and two of my IG friends to weigh in, and call it good.


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