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Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Joshua (@ohmyjosh_) from the tiny red dot, Singapore. I’ve just finished my degree in Entrepreneurship & am currently working in a financial planning company. A few things that I love: Jesus, cycling, drumming & photography!

How long have you been on Instagram? I started exploring the world of Instagram about 2 years back when I switched to an iPhone 4 & became an active user 4 months later. I just gotta say that I’m SO glad I didn’t stick to my BlackBerry then!

Tell us about your community. What was the inspiration behind starting this community? @Monoart started back then as a tag that I used for my personal monochrome photos & it slowly evolved into a community that highlights a picture a day.

I actually did not start off Instagram with black & white photos but it slowly evolved in the initial few months. My inspiration for @Monoart came about after noticing that there were many black & white artist out there but none of the IG communities were highlighting monochrome pictures (only). Thus, I decided to fill that gap!

Tell us about your team. Who is behind it? It’s been pretty much me, myself & I maintaining the account for a while. I’ve recently opened up slots for “guest judges” & I’ve got a good IG mate, Eric (@littlecoal) who is helping me out currently.

How can people get involved? Tag your black & white pictures to our new tag #monoart_! This community is for EVERYONE.

I’m also very open to suggestions to who gets featured daily. If you’re keen to help, you may tag me @ohmyjosh_ in photos that you think deserves a feature. Another way is to drop me an email at team.monoart@gmail.com!

What catches your eye when you choose images to feature? My eyes are drawn to lines, shapes, silhouette, shadows, portraits OR any pictures with a nice scale & DOF. Basically anything that looks good! One thing that I am less attracted to though, are pictures that are too dramatic or with too much noise.

Do you have an all time favourite image from this community? Honestly, no. We have too many nice entries coming in!

Do you have any other favourite communities? @AMPt is my favourite community that focuses on mobile photography. If you’re an aspiring mobile photographer, this is for you! Find out more at AMPtCommunity.com

What advice do you have for aspiring photographers? Keep exploring & challenging yourself to shoot/edit something different! You’ll eventually find what you like 😉


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