Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

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“Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow” is written by our awesome friends at LetterGlow.

In this tutorial we will cover some short, simple instructions on how to apply text to your iPhone photos using the LetterGlow app. LetterGlow was recently released on the App Store and can be used in numerous ways to tell more of the story behind your photos. The app includes a strong set of features including full resolution support, the ability to install your own fonts, 100+ design overlays, the ability to save templates, and extensive sharing options like Dropbox & WordPress.

Here’s how to do a simple design using text and overlays in LetterGlow.

Step 1. Selecting a photo

LetterGlow allows you to take a photo from within the app or select from the device’s photo library and then either crop to a square format or keep the original rectangular image. The full resolution of your images is retained and not reduced like many other editing apps.

After selecting and cropping (if required), you are then presented with the main screen containing the default text over the photo and 4 primary options in the bottom menu: Text, Overlays, Image Adjustments & Templates.

Step 2. Adding text

A simple double tap on the default text box loads the text edit screen. Here you enter your text and can change the font (choose from the 40 included), size, alignment and also add symbols (including items like copyright).

Step 3. Editing text

Back on the main screen, the Text option provides a number of tools to further adjust your text. Here is where you’ll find extra adjustments for font, alignment, color, size, opacity, angle, positioning, as well as line & letter spacing. The + button in the Text menu allows you quickly add multiple items of text, all with their own styling if desired.

Step 4. Adding overlays

The Overlays option provides a number or design elements that can help enhance your message or just bring a bit of extra style to the final image. The 120 included overlays are split between phrases, shapes, lines and decorations categories. Selecting and applying multiple different overlays to create your design is an easy process and, as with the Text option, you can also adjust the color, size, opacity, angle, and position of each overlay.

Step 5. Adjusting the photo

The Image Adjustment option gives you tools to add light or dark tint to the photo (helping the text standout from the background), allow you to re-crop and also to optionally replace with a new image (useful when doing similar edits with a string of photos).

The Template option provides a utility for applying designs (text & overlays) that have been saved from previous edits. Templates are especially beneficial for quickly adding watermarks to your images or for saving design projects that are a work-in-progress.

Step 6. Save & share

When a photo edit is completed, you just need to tap the small arrow in the white strip at the bottom of the screen to bring up the NEW and DONE options. NEW is used to go back to the home screen and DONE presents the sharing options screen. All of the common save and sharing options are available (email, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). Additionally, LetterGlow provides saving to Flickr & Dropbox as well as a WordPress-powered website or blog.

Final image

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to craft your story with LetterGlow, it’s time to let loose with your own creativity. Have fun with it and share your creations with the world!

P.S. As a little bonus, here’s some extra tips for creating a great design:

Tip 1. Install your own font files to expand on the included set (from the Options area). Great free fonts for personal use are available on, and many other sites.
Tip 2. Make use of the Move tool for both text and overlays to make fine positioning adjustments.
Tip 3. When an item is selected, tapping outside the box and sliding makes it much easier to re-position things accurately too.
Tip 4. Similarly, pinch your fingers outside the selected box to re-size. This helps you get the right sizing by seeing the whole text as it scales.
Tip 5. Layer different overlays together to create a unique design. Adjusting opacity & color will bring new effects as well.


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