The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview

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Photo by Dan

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We are a wife Flo (@flolum) and husband Dan (@dudelum) photography & visual storytelling team based in Vancouver, Canada. Beyond Instagram, you can find us at our blogs: &

How long have you been on Instagram. We opened our Instagram accounts in late 2011 but only became serious about the platform in April 2012

Photo by Dan

Please sum up in 5 words your Instalumtrip. Adventure, inspiration, beauty, awe, freedom

What made you decide to go on your #instalumtrip? After leaving our jobs of seven years last year, we’ve been on a journey of searching for the next thing for us and our family. Photography and Instagram had become a huge part of our lives. We now saw the world very differently. The timing for #InstaLumTrip was perfect. Summer break was coming up and we were looking at inexpensive family trip options. Our daughter wanted to visit her friend in Texas so we started talking about a road trip. The flood gates were opened. A 2 week road trip turned into a 6 week adventure. We never did make it to Texas.

Photo by Flo

What are the favourite places you visited? That’s a tough one. Every single stop was special. If we had to pick a couple standouts, one would be the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The sheer scale and beauty were mind blowing. The other would be San Francisco. Although we had lived there for 4 years previously, we now saw so many places in the city with a renewed perspective. Instagram had truly opened our eyes to the beauty around us.

Any other highlights on your trip? The biggest highlight for us was connecting with other Instagrammers. One Instagrammer in particular, from San Diego, had invited us to stay with him and his family. So, San Diego was added to our list. And the strange thing was, we had no qualms saying yes, as I am sure it was just as weird for them to offer… Inviting literal strangers to stay in their home for three nights. We had great meaningful conversations and all the kids had an awesome time playing together. It was truly a blessing to connect with this wonderful family.

Photo by Dan

Have your kids caught your Instagram bug? They do not have their own Instagram accounts yet but they definitely enjoy taking photos. They use one of our old point and shoots.

What did you learn from your journey? This trip has only whet our appetite for more adventure. There is so much to see, explore and experience! Our desire to connect with people has increased and it’s been great meeting and getting to know other IGers… People we would never have met, if not for this little app.

Photo by Flo

Name the top 10 most important items you took with you on your trip.
• iphones
• cameras
• laptop and external hard drive to store and back up thousands of photos
• chargers and lots of spare batteries for all cameras and devices
• activities to occupy kids during the long drives
• tent
• camp stove
• fire starters
• lighter
• great road trip music

Any tips or tricks for other families that want to embark on a similar adventure?
• intersperse camping with hotel stays
• stay at one campsite for at least 2 nights (1 night camping is a LOT of work and takes a lot of time to set up and tear down, especially for a family with young children)
• allot time for spontaneous stops (read: photo ops)
• be flexible and have fun!



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