10 Underwater Photography Tips To Make Serious Waves

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1) Choose the right equipment

Use a DSLR in an underwater housing if you want to have total control over things like shutter speed and aperture. A simple underwater compact camera or even a point-and-shoot in a waterproof case can also work wonders! All you really need is your imagination.

2) Dive in crystal clear waters

Underwater visibility is key, so try to find the clearest water possible. No matter how fancy your equipment is, you won’t be able to shoot crisp and clear photos if the waters are murky.

3) Make sure there’s enough light

If you prefer natural light, pick a bright, sunny day and make sure you shoot with the sun behind you.

4) Choose the right clothing

Add a touch of surrealism to your photos by using light transparent clothing. Remember that wet clothes can drag you down, so make sure your model feels comfortable swimming around in them.

5) Shoot close-ups

Move closer to your subject to increase sharpness. Water tends to reduce color and contrast. If you’re shooting from a distance, chances are everything will turn out blurry.

6) Play with underwater reflections

The deeper you go, the less light you’ll have. If you stay closer to the surface, not only will you get perfect skin tones but you’ll also catch some really cool reflections!

7) Try different angles

If you want to add a bit of drama to your photos, dive as deep as possible and shoot at an upwards angle to catch amazing backlighting. Don’t hesitate to experiment with lots of different angles.

8) Take your time

Shooting underwater is quite different from shooting on dry land. Everything becomes more complicated and takes longer when you’re underwater. Be patient when it comes to lighting, posing and framing.

9) Practice, practice, practice

Safety comes first! If you’re just starting out, you may want to practice in a pool and get your diving skills down in a controlled environment before you plunge into the ocean.

10) Have fun! :)

Article by underwater photographer and jewellery designer Valia. Check out her sea inspired collection on Etsy and her Instagram @laliou


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