INK361 x AMPt presents @racheycakes

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Bio: My name is Rachael Fouchier @racheycakes and I have lived near Vancouver, Canada my whole life. I love to travel but I am always happy to come home to such a beautiful place where I can find balance between urban and nature adventures. I love how taking photos has made me open my eyes to see what’s happening around me more fully, I’m now able to see so much more beauty in my every day as I am always looking at pictures.

Description: I took this photo at Buntzen Lake, a local favourite spot for me, near Vancouver. This little house has a tendency to look a tad different every day and its really great to see how this scene changes with the seasons. I took this photo early spring this year.

Process: Like all my photos, this one was taken with my iPhone 5, using the native camera app to shoot. This particular shot I put through VSCO to process. Increased exposure, highlights and shadows quite a bit and also increased contrast a touch and sharpened the image just a touch. I then applied the VSCO preset M6 Fade mid strength.


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