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Bio: My name is Lisa Zhang (@deviousstudios) and I’m an Australian living in Shanghai. I’m an architect by trade but started a blog way back in my university days as a visual diary to document my architectural studies, love for photography and fashion. Moving overseas and recently having to travel a lot for work has made me more aware of my surroundings and pushing me to see cities not just for their architecture but for its people, its culture and for its story and history. I aim to take as much photos as possible so that I am able to document the visual memories of each and every place I visit.

Description: Growing up in Australia I have BIG love for the seaside. I recently went back to Australia to work on a project. The first opportunity I got was to make my way to the beach and soak in life by the sea (something that is sorely living in Shanghai). This photo was taken at the infamous Icebergs Pool in Bondi. It was a pretty cold but calm day, so not many swimmers or surfers were out in the water. I noticed one man doing laps at the length of the pool which reminded of the swimming emoji hence the hashtag #emojisinthewild.

Process: This photo was taken on an iPhone 4s using the in built camera app. I then uploaded it into Snapseed to adjust and correct the tones of my photo. Snapseed also allows me to spot adjust brightness and contrast at certain points of my photos which gives me better control of colour/tone/brightness. In this case I spot bumped exposure to the white rim of the pool.  I usually do this because having am image with even tonal and brightness means that when you apply a filter, it produces a much more consistent looking image. I always sharpen my images in the Snapseed just to give my images that extra bit of pop and clarity. I then exported it VSCO and using my go to filter of HB1 from the VSCO x Hypebeast Collection. I always crop to the 1:1 ratio as I have more control on where the centre of my image is. I then rotated my image until I was happy with the framing and there you have it!


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