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Bio: My name is Megan McLellan @littlebrownfox and I reside in Vancouver, Canada. You can usually find me out adventuring, dropping my phone in a creek or the like. I love approaching photography rather haphazardly and not really planning too much. Just working with whatever my present surroundings happen to be, whether that be in my home, on a mountain top, or shooting a portrait.

Description: I took this photo at sunset after hiking up to Garibaldi Lake which is located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia. This was actually the first hike I ever did (when I was 6 years old) so it’s a pretty special place for me.

Process: This was taken on my iPhone 5s using the native camera app to shoot. For this shot I first used the @SKRWT app because I got the lines on the dock a little crooked! Then I took the photo into VSCO and bumped the exposure way up, and increased the temperature, contrast, and fade. I followed by adding a little bit of magenta to the highlights, and a touch of grain. Presto there you have it!


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