“Foo Fighters” with @craighowes

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Set Up: Wait for Golden Hour, and find a Smooth Rock pool for a Good Reflection. I then set my iPhone up on my Joby Gorilla Pod and compose the shot. I then use FastCam app (iOS), which has burst mode with a self timer. I set the timer for 10 seconds- run over to the rock and start jumping around, kicking etc… the important part is to keep moving.

The App will capture around 500 pics- I will save the ones I want to my camera roll, in this case it was 3.

Editing: Due to the camera being on a tripod and not moving- it is relatively easily to blend the 3 images together in an app called Filterstorm (iOS), you just line the pictures up and paint on the part of the top image you want.

From there I save the image, pull in into Snapseed (iOS/Android) to edit for contrast, Saturation and Exposure, Lastly I pull the image into VSCO cam (iOS/Android) and add a slight filter to get the tones I require.


Craig Howes is an Instagrammer from Cape Town, South Africa. He often takes beautiful dramatic landscape shots with his iPhone. Check out more of his work on Instagram @craighowes.

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