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Superimpose (available on iOS/Android) is one of the most hard-working, multi-tasking apps that you can have in your toolbox for advanced and beginning editors. Superimpose provides blending, masking, and object placement better than any app out there. It’s cheap and provides you with the capability to do almost any editing activity.

It’s an app that blends quickly. There’s a slider on the right which allows you to manipulate the two better and more clearly, which is an asset.

Superimpose has a user-friendly interface on the iPhone and iPad. The steps to blending and masking are, in order:

1) Open a photo in Superimpose as the Background

2) Open a foreground picture and tap the right bottom corner to blend in any mode you wish

3) To place an individual mask or object on your image, tap the small face at the top with the downward arrow

4) On the bottom toolbar, tap Transform to place the objet anywhere in the picture. As you see, I’ve moved the white branch to the left of the model.

5) You also have the option to tap on the bottom of the page under Mask to use brushes or other tools to clean up the image.


Cost is quite low at 99 cents

Easy learning curve

Ease of use to blend in different modes, including a slider to increase and decrease the amount of blend

Magic Wand – removes part of a foreground picture that’s unwanted

Mask Saver – can save multiple masks (parts of foreground photos or png’s which have been used)

Return to Previous Step – if you make a mistake you can return to previous step with arrow

Blurring Tool for placing a mask on background photo to blur uneven edges


Masking brush is not as accurate as some other blending apps

It is not possible to manipulate the different layers individually

This is a simple app; it’s not designed to do highly complex manipulations


Superimpose is one of the best blending and masking apps for beginning and advanced editors. It makes blending extremely easy and quick. It is cheap and the best blending app I know of. For masking, it holds multiple images to reapply masks to old and new edits. It can’t do highly complex masking as in some other apps, but does its best job in the quickest manner for regular placing of a mask and making a blend. I use this app in every edit I do.

Apps I use with it are Squareready, Snapseed, Distressedfx Matter, Stackables & Vsco for filters

Apps that are more complex like this: Leonardo Filterstorm, PSTouch, ArtStudio

Grade:  A


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