INK361 x AMPt presents @samsmadeleines

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Its Samuel (@samsmadeleines) here and I’m from Singapore! Here, we don’t have much space or nature so I try to overcompensate when I’m out of the country. I don’t really have a style so I just post what I think is alright. The thing with that however, is I end up with a messy feed that (believe me) I have been so tempted to just delete and start over. Still, people pointed out that I mostly do minimalism. I don’t disagree.

Stridebys are real popular on Instagram (I suspect it’s because people and walls are everywhere!) and I’m no different in this regard. In this case, I really love how the strider is silhouetted against a backdrop of “sophisticated squares”. Simple and hopefully sweet.

Shot with an iPhone 4, I didn’t have to do much to with this one. As with most cases, I don’t like to over edit! Just made it BW using snapseed and tuned up the contrast a wee bit. Then, I used PS express to reduce noise to give this a cleaner look. Tada, done!


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