10 Awesome Sao Paulo photographers on Instagram

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Last week I spend 10 days in Brazil, my home country – I am originally from Curitiba. So I decided to release some Brazilians feeds, which shows the colors, feelings, people and spaces of my country. São Paulo is a city of over 20mi people, a concrete jungle, but definitely has sweet lines and expressions to be shared! Enjoy!

1. @andersonangelico


2. @pedropavanato


3. @luizlucato


4. @dearaujo


5. @antonyadriano


6. @paulinhohop


7. @tfmoralles


8. @ograndegatsby


9. @manciniv


10. @cesinha



Article contributed by Camila Stadler Buschle @kindofcamila, Constructing Architect M.A.K.


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