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1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I always find really difficult to introduce myself, but I’ll start by saying that my name is Adrian (@adriancanolo), a very very very normal person. I’m 27 years old and I live in Madrid with Erea, my girlfriend and my two cats, Nemo and Zissou. My passion is photography and at the same time is my best tool to try to explain to those interested, how I see the world where words fall short.

2. When did you first take up photography?

Well, it’s funny because my first contact with photography was during my first trip to New York and now I’m answering these questions during my third trip to this inspiring city, five years later. By then I had barely touched a camera, just my iPhone 3Gs. My best friend was carrying his and when I saw the photos he took of the buildings of the city I felt the need to do the same in my own way, so when I got home I saved for months to buy my first camera and began to capture it all.

3. How do you describe your style of photography? 
     -Any particular things or places you always look out for before you shoot. 
     -Any techniques that you always apply it to your photo.

Throughout these years my photographic style has changed several times and today I’ve simplified almost everything to a visual diary. Still have some series dedicated to specific topics, but I’ve come to love my daily routine, the places I visit and the people around me and that’s what I want to photograph in these days.

The topics are usually always the same, what I love. My girlfriend, my house, my cats, food, objects that arouse me or evoke nostalgic feelings, and the places I visit. The passion of my life is traveling. I wish I could travel more.

I have few rules / techniques about my photography, but I usually always try that light plays an important role, carrying geometry and symmetry of things. Flashy and well blended colors and people and moments I want to remember forever. I do not like forcing situations, I prefer to capture the spontaneity of the moment, but that does not mean that sometimes want to play and compose situations or ask my friends to pose for me.

4. Whats your favourite tools or apps that you use for editing your photos?
     – A certain style/look you always go for.
     – The workflow.

I always try to make pictures look clean, bright and simple. .

I edit all my pictures with VSCO Cam. Choose a filter that I like and after that adjust elements such as contrast or exposure. If I need to do a more local setting, change to Snapseed and to correct perspective, SKRWT is the best.

5. Do you always keep in mind the consistency throughout your gallery?

I like to think that when someone takes a look at my gallery can get an idea of my style. For that reason it is very important to me to maintain a visual unity throughout my gallery and I get frustrated when I see that I’m not doing it right.

6. Any other photo projects that you are working on right now or plan to do in the near future?
    – which other area of photography that you’ve always wanted to explore.
    – which brands or artists u want to collaborate with, the most.

In fact, right now it’s quite the opposite. I’ve decided to abandon some projects I was working on to “rest”, let the inspiration come again and spend time with my family and my personal portfolio.

As for my interests, photographers I truly admire are those who combine travel photography and customs of the locals, so if I could choose, surely would want to work with companies and brands dedicated to adventure, travel and lifestyle.

7. What are your other hobbies/interests besides photography? 

Movies, music, travel and photography. They are the four most important things in my life to keep growing and learning. The funny thing is that somehow are connected to each other and I like to get carried away by the influences of each in my photography.

8. Are there any tips or techniques you would like to share with our new and aspiring photographers? 
     – What advice you wished you had known earlier that would help in your photography career

I would say “enjoy the ride, do not worry about anything else.” It’s my way of expressing the need to be honest and humble with yourself and what you do. If you are true to principle is, it’s only a matter of time you find your own voice and you end up doing the kind of photography you want to do.

9. Recommend some Instagrammers that inspires you.

Obviously the first on the list is Erea Azurmendi (@tiempodecerezas). She’s everything to me. My girlfriend, my model, my friend, my partner and my mentor. If you saw my pictures, she’s the one wit the red hair that shows up every 2 or 3 pictures. Go see her photos, they are great.

Having said this, I will recommend to 4 more Spanish women than I’m a fan of:

Anna Salvador (@annararo): She is SO creative. The colors, the compositions in his photographs, visual elements, she is probably one of the best in Spain.

Pilar Franco (@piluro): The optimistic spirit of his photographs and his bright and light colors. I’m  always excited to see a new picture of her.

Marta Vargas (@imartavargas): She is great. As an artist and a person. Looking at her photographs you will want to leave everything and go to live in Stockholm, have a coffee and wander in the cold streets of Stockholm.

Anna Devís (@anniset): One of my most recent discoveries. His compositions, geometries, colors, and especially his sense of humor have made ??me one of his biggest fans.

Article by Hans Ding, who is an iPhone photographer from the tiny island city-state of Singapore. With curious eyes and keen awareness to his surroundings, Hans readies his trusty iPhone, standing by interesting pockets of light and awaiting to capture that opportune moment. His photographs are of personal moments in his daily commute and meetings. They highlight human interactions filtered through his eyes and introduce serenity to the usual hustle and bustle of his home city. For more of his work, visit and follow him on Instagram @hanliang.

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