8 Reasons why you should follow @guardiancities on Instagram

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I was looking upon news and journals which could inspire me for the next post, and I noticed that @guardiancities this week is about Copenhagen (and for coincidence, the city before  was São Paulo :) ). Their idea is simple, they choose a local Intagrammer to show parts of the city from another perspective. The Instagrammers take over the Guardian Cities account for a week to promote and explore the city in a very nice way. Here are some of their best posts:

1. @zobolondon for London


2. @rodrigoo for Lisbon


3. @reycanlasjr for Shanghai


4. @rambler15 for Hong Kong


5. @instamooca for Sao Paulo

@instamooca_S aoPaulo

6. @gittestark for Copenhagen


7. @berlinstagram for Berlin


8. @barrut for Barcelona


Article contributed by Camila Stadler Buschle @kindofcamila, Constructing Architect M.A.K.


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