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Bio: Hi my name is Ainsley (@ainsleywest1) and I live in beautiful Deep Cove, British Columbia with my husband and kids. Deep Cove is on a glacial fjord that runs north from Vancouver Harbour and sits at the base of our North Shore Mountains. I am lucky enough to be able to photograph our waters and mountains everyday. I love sharing our home with people on Instagram and I have met so many fantastic people through this community.

Description: Deep Cove is best to shoot early in the morning, late in the day, or on any overcast, foggy or rainy day. I didn’t feel this photo needs a filter or much adjustment, as the subject is beautiful enough.

Process: I took this photo of Deep Cove this morning with my iPhone 5S using one of my favourite tools, an app called Average Camera Pro, or Avgcampro (iOS) . Lots of people use tripods when they use avgcampro, but I don’t, I just place the phone on a flat surface. Avgcampro takes 128 (or less) photos and blends them together to make the water and sky look smooth, like a long exposure shot. I edited this photo with Snapseed (iOS/Android) to crop it and straighten it.  I heightened the contrast a tiny bit and that’s it. Here is the full image without cropping:


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