INK361 x AMPt presents @iamsengs

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Bio:  My name is Seng Sengsavanh @iamsengs and I reside in Vancouver, Canada. My feed is made up mainly of on-the-go shots, from my commute to work or when I’m out and about with the family. I received my first camera when I was 12 years old and the love for photography was instant.

Description: After dropping off my son at daycare, I swung by Safeway to pick up some snacks for work. I noticed how foggy it was getting and thought about where I could snap a few quick photos. I recalled seeing some yellow trees behind a baseball field close by so I drove there. I parked my car and ran over to snap a few shots. I left with this photo and a pair of wet grassy shoes/socks which I wore to work…sigh.

Process: This was taken on my iPhone 4s using the native camera app.  I took it into Snapseed to brighten it up just a tad. I then took it to VSCo for minor adjustments (fade/contrast) before taking it back into Snapseed for a little boost in sharpness

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