8 Derpy Dogs To Put A Smile On Your Face

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Reason #48720 why dogs are awesome: Even when they look like a joke, it only makes them even more lovable. Check out these 8 awesome accounts you probably aren’t following yet.


1. @desmondthegolden

1 year old Golden Retriever living the life in Hollywood. Here he is auditioning for a lead role as a villain. Sorry Desmond, but we think you may be better suited for another role…


2. @teddytherescue

He is trying hard to be serious, but we’re having a little trouble believing him with those ears.


3. @lvrntafghtr

A goofy Pitbull breaking all the stereotypes in this one photo.


4. @dunes_day

A very special and unique type of derp… his jowly face paired with those adorable puppy eyes will make you question if you’ve ever seen anything cuter before.


5. @newyorkdog

She may need some braces, but she’s rocking those crooked teeth proudly and beautifully!


6. @kodiak_sheprador

He heard that the key to being charming is a nice smile. Do you think he’s doing it right?


7. @chillinwithchilli 

Just the chillest guy, always hanging out with his tongue out.


8. @simon_says_woof

Simon is smiling, but he has no idea what is going on.



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