@ink361 x @ampt presents @FinnanoFenno

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Bio: I’m Carlo A. Giardina, well known as @FinnanoFenno my alter ego. FinnanoFenno is a mad guy who creates strange images mixing reality and fantasy using just a finger and his smartphone. His feed is full of strange images in which he draws on cars and he still doesn’t know why. He truly thinks that “fantasy is a figment of reality”.

Description: This image in which a Smart is mixed with the highest building in Milan represent a typical life situation: maybe, in a storm, we can be protected from lightning by something higher than us, but, in the end of the storm, we will be wet anyway. So we don’t have to other protection but we always have to protect ourselves, in this “metaphorical” case using an umbrella.

Process: iPhone 5s default camera, Phonto to add building image, Adobe Ideas to draw all with my finger. Valencia filter in Instagram.

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