Keeping home décor seasonal with Instagram

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Isn’t great when you open you Instagram feed and amazing photos of nature’s constant change just seem to transport you to another world, in what sometimes seem magical and unreal places? Take your favorite Instagram seasonal photos and have fun, not to mention easily keep up with the seasons and always have a fresh look in your home.

Photo credit: @goldengirl8733

Photo credit: @jennashots 

After choosing the room or wall to place your new Instagram Seasonal Décor, you’ll need to choose the photos you’ll like to display. Choose an overall concept of theme, look through your feed and favorite accounts, and also search for hashtags that are related to the feel you are trying to convey. For example, now that we are autumn, good hashtag’s are #fall #leaves, #fallcolors and #autumn.

Photo credit: @enchanted_rootz

Once you have your complete selection (make sure you ask the photographers for permission first), go to your favorite photo editing program and crop the photos. You should end up with a nice grouping of mostly square and some rectangle shaped images. After cropping and editing the photos, have them printed at your favorite local photo printing center. Since the photos are not in high resolution, 4” x 4” or 4” x 6” should do the trick, anything bigger would be too much. Always make a mock-print, it will spare you time and money.

Photo credit: @annac1212

Since we should always give credit to the artist/photographer, it’s good to keep a log of whom the photos are originally. You may choose to add the photo credit as a small text on the image, easily done at cropping and editing. Another nice way to add the credit, is by manually writing it below the photo after it has been printed. This gives it a more original and artistic feel to the photo once it’s framed and mounted.

Photo credit: @natgeo

Go to your favorite home décor center or art & crafts supply store and look for inexpensive photo frames. Places like Ikea or, carry a great variety of inexpensive frames that work great for this kinds of projects. If the photo space isn’t square and you have two inches left, don’t worry about it…this is a great space to handwrite the photo credit and the date (if you wanted to).

Photo credit: @wroell_on

By doing his you can keep your home décor updated, always fresh and at a very low cost. Remember that you don’t need to be an interior designer or an art curator to have a beautiful showcase of rotating art work in your space. The key is to display what you like and always have fun!

Photo credit: @rachel.reiss

Photo credit: @madisonyoswa

Photo credit: @pyrranc

Photo credit: @katetkachuk

Article by Gianna Malatrasi, a passionate ​​​​realtor, design consultant​ and curator​ from Denver. Follow her on Instagram @la_malatrasi


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