Top 10 NBA players on Instagram you need to follow

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To celebrate the start of the 69th 2014–15 NBA season, we joined forces with the awesome SLAM online team to bring to you the Top 10 NBA players to follow on Instagram today. Aside from playing basketball at the highest level, these ballers have awesome lifestyles. Peek into their lives by following them now. 


1. John Wall @johnwall 

The season of John Wall is upon us, and the point guard gives an unfiltered daily look in the life of a star NBA point guard on the rise. A new signature sneaker, trips to the Great Wall of China, his #5deep crew, even photos of his late father—it’s a different side to this dynamic point guard.

2. Damian Lillard @damianlillard 

The past two seasons have vaulted Lillard into superstardom, but the clutch player has remained the same in all the ways that matter. Lillard’s IG is packed with photos of family, his hometown in O-Town, and #tbt‘s of his days at Weber State. Dame’s used IG to launch the now-viral #4BarFriday, which ain’t stopping any time soon.




3. Chris Paul @cp3 

It’s difficult to keep up with everything the best point guard of this generation is doing. But Chris Paul makes it all possible with his eclectic account. From his visits to Beijing to dunking on his good friend Kevin Hart to chilling with his wife and two children, CP3 shares it all.



4. LeBron James @kingjames 

Family, greatness, legacy. LeBron defines them all, and it’s obvious in the superstar’s IG. We’ll get videos of family fishing trips, rare training photos with his new Cleveland squad, and a good dose of inspiring messages. There’s a reason why The King’s favorite hashtag is #StriveForGreatness.



5. Kevin Durant @easymoneysniper 

His season might be put on ice for a month or two, but rest assured the reigning MVP won’t let a foot injury phase him. Durant’s interests of fashion, kicks, spirituality and authenticity are extremely prominent, and his comments are almost lyrical and often profound.



6. Paul George @ygtrece 

After suffering a horrific leg injury with USA Basketball this summer, George most likely will be sitting out the 2014-15. George is anything but downtrodden, and to witness his comeback is nothing short of inspiring.



7. James Harden @jharden13 

Harden has possibly the NBA’s most unique look, but check out his IG, and it’s obvious that his personality is also one-of-a-kind. From doing the schmoney dance at the FIBA World Cup Gold medal ceremony to the carlton dance with Carlton himself, the Beard is enjoying every day to the fullest.



8. Carmelo Anthony @carmeloanthony 

Like the fine wine in which he’ll occasionally indulge, Anthony’s IG preserves his love of artwork, cars and watches. This season also promises to feature a brand new Melo. The superstar recently turned 30, started his own venture capitol firm, and is playing in a new offensive scheme that should take his game, and his IG, to the next level.



9. Anthony Davis @antdavis_23 

Get familiar with the basketball’s next great star during what promises to be a historic season. Davis has some award-worthy #tbt‘s every year, has a passion for helping his community, and did we mention that the Brow as a twin?



10. Blake Griffin @blakegriffin32 

He’s much more than a high-flyer. Matter of fact, if an official award was given, Griffin would be the NBA’s IG MVP. You never know where or what you’ll see BG doing next (dressed as Bane, catching his boy DeAndre Jordan napping, applying hair mayonnaise?), but it’s a guarantee that each caption will be hilarious.



Written by the awesome team at SLAM. SLAM was founded in 1994 as the “in your face basketball magazine,” covering all things hoop-related, from NBA, college ball and high school hoops to old-school stories, kicks, streetball and the fashion of the game. Twenty years later, SLAM is still the No. 1 dominant media outlet— both in print and online—for all things that matter in the world of basketball. SLAM gets at the game’s biggest stars in a way no other outlet can. From Kobe and LeBron to Wade and Durant, SLAM brings the reader face to face with their favorite players, and brings breaking news and rumors in real time. SLAM was launched as “the basketball bible,” and we are still the only place for the true basketball fan. Follow them on Instagram @slamonline


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