10 Unique Pet Accounts on Instagram

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As exotic pets become more popular, they are even getting their own Instagram accounts! Lucky for us, we get to see some of these beautiful animals. If you are considering an exotic pet, please be sure to do all your research, as they require much more work than a regular house pet.

1. @mobi_y
This account is all about a cute ferret named Marshall that lives in Tokyo, Japan. Ferret personalities are known for being very unique, and each ferret is different depending on how they are raised. Love and kindness develop the best kind of ferrets.



2. @knuckles_the_chipmunk
Knuckles is a chipmunk that lives in England. He loves to eat and climb walls! Chipmunks are known for being extremely entertaining to watch for hours.



3. @beeryme
This account is made up of a family of several exotic animals. A wallaby, a fox, a fennec fox, and a caracal.

Many people are surprised by how affectionate wallabies can be, and they require lots of love!

Many red fox owners say that they are just as nice as a house cat.beeryme-fox

Fennec foxes are known for having super sweet personalities. They are more common as pets than the red fox.beeryme-fennecfox

The caracal is a curious and agile animal, and enjoys playing with people.beeryme-caracal


4. @jamonthepig
Jamon the pig is pretty cool. Not only does he have his own Instagram page, he also has his own cartoon series! As we all know, pigs are extremely intelligent animals. They are able to form very close bonds with humans. Something that many people find as a surprise though, is that they are very clean!



5. @goatsofanarchy
Follow the adventures of 6 goats named Opie, Jax, Otto, Tig, Nero, and Gemma. Goats are social animals that enjoy being around other farm animals. They are also known for being very curious and investigative with their mouths!



6. @joejoe_the_capybara
JoeJoe is a Capybara living the life in Vegas! Capybaras are intensely social, complex and sophisticated emotionally. They are also highly intelligent, at least as intelligent as the most intelligent dogs.



7. @turbo_thehedgehog
Turbo the African Pygmy Hedgehog from Tokyo, Japan! The key to having a pet hedgehog is to build trust through constant attention and socialization.



8. @prairiedogpack
Prairie dogs make excellent pets. They are social and tame easily when young. They love human contact- being held, cuddled, petted, and even like hanging out in your tshirt pocket!



9. @cute_bubu
BuBu the 7 year old chinchilla resides in Singapore and is living the life! Chinchillas are closely related to guinea pigs and are perky little animals.



10. @aliisonolivvia
Alison is an aspiring vet tech with an adorable pet raccoon! Raccoons are known for being smart, adventurous and determined to get what they want.




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