9 Reasons To Follow This 24 Year Old Spanish Photographer

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1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Erea Azurmendi @tiempodecerezas and I’m a 24 year old photographer from Spain. I live with Adrián (@adriancanolo) and my beautiful two cats. I love photography since I remember but in my free time I also love to see films, traveling and meeting new friends.

2. When did you first take up photography?

I don’t remember. The thing is that photography has always being a part of my family. My father is an important architectural photographer here in Spain and my brother (@manu_ywf) and I have always being in touch with photography. So, it is not difficult to think that my father was the reason for who we are now.

3. How do you describe your style of photography?
-Any particular things or places you always look out for before you shoot.
-Any techniques that you always apply it to your photo.

It’s very difficult to answer this question because it means I have to see my pictures from the outside. I think my photography tells my story, the story that I have with Adrian, my cats and my friends – the places I travel and the things I love. Basically, Instagram is a diary for me. There are people who understand Instagram as a place where they should put their work. I think that Instagram is about instants, moments and experiences, if you want to see my professional work you could check elsewhere, like in my blog for example.

I want to do things simply, which is probably why so many people tell me that my Instagram is minimal and clean. I don’t know if it’s minimal, but it is simple, I put there the feelings I have in the moments I photograph.

The only technique I have is that every photo has to be special and beautiful, and the overall cohesiveness of your account is equally important as well.

4. Whats your favourite tools or apps that you use for editing your photos?
-A certain style/look you always go for.
-The workflow.

I started using Snapped a lot, but the thing is that it exports your photos in a very low quality so I started to use VSCOcam more and I’m totally in love with it.
I retouch parameters such as brightness, contrast, etc.. Then I put a filter (it depends on the photo) and then finish retouching the lights and the shadows.

5. Do you always keep in mind the consistency throughout your gallery?

As I said, for me it is very important that every single photo is special, beautiful, unique such as the visual set of my timeline. Sometimes I delete a photo because it didn’t suit the rest of my gallery.

6. Any other photo projects that you are working on right now or plan to do in the near future?
– which other area of photography that you’ve always wanted to explore.
– which brands or artists u want to collaborate with, the most.

I’m always doing projects. My friends call me “restless ass” as an affectionate adjective because I’m never still. One of the better things I have (or the worst, depends on the situation) is that I really love to do so many things but I don’t have enough time to do everything so I don’t lose a minute.

I love traveling, fashion and lifestyle, so if you combine them, you have the perfect mix. The brands I would like to work with, are the ones who combine these characteristics.

7. What are your other hobbies/interests besides photography? 

I love so many things, but the most important are travel, music, movies and fashion.

As my friend Fer told me once: “There are those who say that photography is a passion or a hobby, but passion or hobby have expiry dates. When a passion has no expiry date, that’s what I call love, and that’s what photography is for me, love.”

8. Are there any tips or techniques you would like to share with our new and aspiring photographers?
– What advice you wished you had known earlier that would help in your photography career

There are people who visit a place or a city and don´t stop taking photos all over the place, and come back home with thousands of photos. I think this kind of people, don’t really have time to enjoy the visit. My advice is that you have to enjoy first, feel the atmosphere, feel something, and then, if you think there’s something interesting, take the photo that you think is the best to show how you feel there.

On the other hand, you have to be patient and prepare, things happens just once and you have just a moment to capture them.

9. Recommend some Instagrammers that inspires you.

@nunoassis: He is an amazing Portuguese photographer that currently lives in China. He often shows a very interesting point of view with architecture.
@iraevora; She is a floral stylist and designer and she take beautiful photos everyday.
@Oveck: amazing guy with amazing inspiration. His beautiful and sometimes surreal portraits are amazing.
@helloemilie: amazing photographer specialising in lifestyle and countryside.

Article by Hans Ding, who is an iPhone photographer from the tiny island city-state of Singapore. With curious eyes and keen awareness to his surroundings, Hans readies his trusty iPhone, standing by interesting pockets of light and awaiting to capture that opportune moment. His photographs are of personal moments in his daily commute and meetings. They highlight human interactions filtered through his eyes and introduce serenity to the usual hustle and bustle of his home city. For more of his work, visit www.hansding.vsco.co and follow him on Instagram @hanliang.

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