5 Instagram accounts that will cause some serious Tokyo dreamin’

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A city that surprised me in each step I walked. The city of light, crowd, shops, sushi, bonsai, cosplay, manga, karaoke and amazing architecture. Japan is such a small country, but has so much to offer. The culture is fascinating in all perspectives: history, society, economy and courage. Tokyo is a city to remember, and I hope I will come back to see the city that made me shine. Here are some of my favourite photographers from this mesmerising city:

1. @taitknn

@taitknn @taiknn


2. @_tuck4

@_tuck4_ @_tuck4


3. @hirozzzz

hirozzzz_ @hirozzzz


4. @yuma1983

yuma1983_ yuma1983


5. @t_k_c

@t_k_c_ @t_k_c

Article contributed by Camila Stadler Buschle @kindofcamila, Constructing Architect M.A.K.


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