Blending Old Ink with New Photography

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2014 Holiday Postcards


I must confess, I enjoy taking my time to write a nice regular old letter…yes, in paper. As a Millennial, I love my email and all the new technology to communicate and keep in touch. But there’s something special about grabbing my favorite pen and just taking my time to write to someone I care about. At least I know they’ll enjoy receiving something handwritten in the mail…I least I do, it makes everyone feel cherished and remembered.


Every time the holiday season comes around you can find me looking through every holiday card/postcard package there is, in any and all stores (especially Target…gotta love that place). Maybe it’s the happy images, or the beautiful snow-covered landscapes, or just probably all the glitter that comes attached to them (yes, I’m a total sucker for glitter).

This year I’ve decided to take a slightly different route…you might call it a blend of old ink with new photography; by taking my favorite Instagram posts of the year and making Holiday postcards out of them…easy!

Start by taking a look at your Instagram account, I’m sure you’ll be able to take a look at your adventures and milestones throughout the year. Make a small selection about 3-7 of your favorite and most significate post throughout 2014. Always, use your favorite editing program crop and save your images. Keep in mind that the ideal size for an Instagram postcard is 5”x 5”.


Next, we need to integrate that image into a template. Don’t think for a minute you need a graphic designer, at ink361 we offer a great easy to use click and go template that fits Instagram photos perfectly. You’re able to easily create postcards from your own curated collections and have them print and ship anywhere around the world.

When designing your postcard you might want to include the date, place, people around you, and specially the photographer’s credit (remember this is you!). Let your creativity loose, remember you’re the artist in all of this. You might even include a few sentences or words to go along with the image, people will enjoy it. The options are endless…from simple and funny, to sentimental and thought-evoking.


But don’t think this is just a holiday thing…you can follow the same basic steps and make amazing and memorable business cards, greeting cards, postcards and flyers. This is a great way to market and showcase your business, hobbies, etc.

Go ahead, make this season an unforgettable one for you and all those you cherish by share your amazing year of 2014!

Written by Gianna Malatrasi for Ink361 – Connect with her on InstagramLinkedIN & Twitter


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