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Bio: My name is Jill Nolen @leapinglotus and I am a nurse/massage therapist currently living in San Diego, California. The arts, including dance, painting, and, in recent years, photography have been great passions of mine and creative outlets I continue to feed daily. Ultimately, I would like to integrate my passions for travel, photography, and healthcare by serving as a nurse in communities where adequate healthcare is unavailable.

Description: Photography open one’s eyes to details and surroundings not given much attention before, such as leading lines, how light strikes objects and creates dramatic shadows, and, in this case, the placement, size, and shape of the trees and how they provide framing, a sense of scale, and texture. This image was taken at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego.

Process: The native camera on an iPhone 4s was used to capture this image. For editing, the photograph was converted to black and white in Snapseed and the contrast was slightly increased. Touch Retouch was then used to eliminate a fire hydrant and some tree tops that were peeking above the hill.

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