10 Creative Ways To Use Your Photo Prints

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There is something really awesome about DIY projects involving home decor and photos. Although we obviously love all things digital at INK361, there is something special to be said about physical photos that digital photos just don’t have. That’s why we offer the ability to print your Instagram photos. We offer many types and they all have their own special features, but photo prints allow a lot of creativity in terms of how you can use it. Check out some of these great ideas to help you with your next project!

1. Incorporate some lights into your design and clip your photos onto it. Looks awesome! lights4fun.co.uk
photo source: lights4fun.co.uk

2. All you need are your photos, string, and thumbtacks. Arrange them however you like, it will look great!

photo source: apartmenttherapy.com

3. Have some blank wall to fill in the corner? Just use some clothes pins and string to fill the space up in a cute and creative way.
photo source: voyageofthecreativevariety.blogpost.co.nz

4. Decorate your wall with photos, but also any other items you love. The results are pretty cool looking, don’t you think?
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photo source: blog.freepeople.com

5. Here’s another idea using clothes pins: If you have an old frame and string, repurpose it by putting several photos in there.
photo source: decozilla.com

6. Make use of the side entrance walls of a room in your house. It’s great to look at when going in and out!

photo source: bhg.com

7. Have some old string lying around? It would be great to use just to hang a couple photos by the doorway.
photo source: 6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com

8. The stairwell wall is something often forgotten about, but it is a great space for photo pinning.
photo source: laurawinslowphotography.com

9. Sometimes not having a full plan works to your advantage and brings surprisingly good results. Just plaster all your photos on your wall and see how it turns out.
photo source: digitalmomblog.com

10. Dig up that old frame you haven’t used in years, paint it your favorite color, and put all your favorite people in it. Your friends and family will definitely be impressed!
photo source: shelterness.com

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