10 Great Ways To Use Your Framed Photos

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Frames are one of the most traditional ways to use your photo prints. Although they are a staple of photo decor, there are many creative ways to hang them. It doesn’t have to be the standard nail in the wall photo frame. Check out these great ways to use framed photos around your house. And don’t forget, we offer framed prints of your Instagram photos. It’s an easy way to bring your Instagram account to life! Get yours here.

1. Arrange your frames into a perfect square. It has a very elegant and classy look, but still creative too.

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2. If you’re into stenciling or painting, this idea is perfect for you. This is a great way to make a cluster of photos fit perfectly with each other.

thewhoot.comphoto source


3. Another great way to make a cluster of photos look neatly an creatively arranged together. All you need are your frames and some colored masking tape!

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4. Make use of that old wooden ladder and fit your photo frames inside!

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5. Screw in a simple light shelf above your bed, and place your frames on it. A string of lights underneath will really finish the look.

photo source


6. Corner frames. How have we not thought of this before? It’s a great idea and looks awesome!

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7. Are you a fan of puzzles or Tetris? Well just pretend you’re playing one of those games when fitting all your different sized frames together. The finished look is pretty neat.

photo source


8. Make use of the empty space by your stairwell. It’s an often forgot about spot that works great for photo decor.

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9. Install some little shelves on your small wall to place all your frames. Looks great with frames of all sizes.

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10. This is another great idea to use up materials that you probably have lying around in your shed. An old iron pipe, and some chain. It’s an awesome rustic look.

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