9 Great Photo Mosaic Collage Ideas

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Collage crafting can be a super fun activity with your friends and family. It is perfect to create a way to remember a special event, a person, or even a moment! One of the best things about collages is that there is no right or wrong way to make them, just put together all your favorite photos. Traditionally, collages were made by putting together printed photos, but luckily in our generation of technology, we can put together collages online and them have them printed! Our Mosaic prints are a beautiful way to create online collages, and a product that we are super proud of.

Check out some great ideas for your next collage project!


1. A mosaic tile of your beautiful family, displayed on the wall of your dining room.

photo source: pinterest

2. Decorate your bathroom with your own photography or your favorite photographer’s work. This a great way to make use of space that is an awkward shape for a traditional square frame.

photo source: pinterest

3. Cover your hallway wall with black and white photos. It looks awesome and is a pretty unique decor style.

photo source: pinterest

4. A mosaic collage of your year. How perfect! All the best moments of your year in one frame.

photo source: pinterest

5. A perfect square collage of your most favorite travels.

photo source: pinterest

6. Another collage of your loved ones, placed on the wall of your office so that you can look up at them while you work!

photo source: pinterest

7. New baby? Put his first precious years into a collage. He will love looking back on it when he’s older (or she!).



photo source: pinterest

8. Make a mosaic of mini tiles showcasing all of your favorite photos. The finished product looks awesome!


photo source: pinterest


9. Last but not least, check out how amazing INK361 Mosaic prints look in real life! (Photos by @_sidneymorgan)

INK361 Mosaic collage photo print

Excited to start on a mosaic collage for your home now? Be sure to check out our mosaics here!


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