How to create the perfect cover for your Instagram Yearbook

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You know those cool photos in your Instagram feed that have professional and neat looking text over it? You may be surprised to learn that this is easily done with a phone app. There are lots out there, but our favorite has to be the app named Over. This app is only $1.99, and they have heaps awesome fonts and artwork designs. You can check out their Instagram account here for inspiration on what you can do using their app. Our favorite use of Over is to put typography on our Instagram photos to make cool Fastbook covers. If you haven’t heard of Fastbook yet, it is our newest product: Mini Instagram photo books that come in 24 or 48 pages, customisable in matte or glossy and black or white frames. We even ship Fastbook for free internationally. The most popular ways to use Fastbook at the moment are 2014 yearbooks. People love to put their most memorable moments of 2014 into a book to reminisce with their loved ones. Here is a quick tutorial of how to use Over for a photo year book. 1. Open up Over app from your iPhone or Android phone. This will be the opening screen page: 1

2. Select the image you want to use, then select add text. 2

3. Double tap on the area of the photo would like to add text. 3

4. Type in your yearbook title. Note that you can also change the color of the text here so that it shows up better


5. To change the font, just tap the yellow triangle on the right and select font. 5

6. Try out different fonts to see which you like best. We used Blackout Sunrise. 6  7  8

7. The font change has probably changed the text size, so to fix that, go back to the yellow triangle on the right and select edit.


8. Tap on the minus sign to make the text smaller. If you want to, you can also change the colors again here. (note – there are many more settings if you drag the settings panel up).

10  10b  11

9. To position the text, tap off any settings until you see the screen with the photo, text, and triangle only. Then drag the text into your desired position, using the grid to help you position and align it.

12  13

10. Once you are happy with it, tap the yellow triangle and spin the wheel till you find save.

14  15

11. And now you have the finished photo! Pretty simple right? 16

12. Now you can upload your cover photo to Instagram. Then simply connect your account to Fastbook to select the cover and other images you want to print for your book. Check out some examples of Fastbooks with a typography cover made using Over. Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


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