Snoop Dogg Faces Lawsuit Over Instagram Photo

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Snoop Dogg has gotten himself in trouble once again with a controversial and offensive Instagram image. The rapper posted an image of a care worker from Edgewater, Maryland, Cortez Booze with the caption “who’s auntcle is this?”

The photo has received more than 40,000 likes, and 10,000 comments, many of which are hateful with abusive and derogatory homophobic slurs. Many comments were made saying ‘shemale’ and ‘ugly’. One Instagrammer said: ‘That shemale ain’t gone win. U get wat u get if u choose to dress how u dress. Consequences for your choices so use some common sense.’

Cortez has asked Instagram to take down the image but as of today, it is still there. He has stated that he plans to sue Snoop Dogg for all the abusive comments it has generated and has already hired an attorney.






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