Spotlight Feature: Henrique Stabile

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This week for our biweekly joint feature with mobile photography community partner AMPt, we spoke with photographer, Henrique Stabile about his passion of deconstructing cities.



Hi, I’m Henrique Stabile and I deconstruct cities.
What begun as part of my doctorate research became great passion later through the project #deconstructingcities which you can take a look here. It’s a very simple idea: to deconstruct cities using any mobile app or combination of apps to do so, that way anyone with a smartphone can be part of the project. The results are later directly uploaded to the Tumblr.



This photo is part of a series where I take a picture of myself and replace my face with the picture of a city. It’s called “city selfie” and represents the connection I have to NYC and the connections anyone can make with any city, it’s like we see it through ourselves. In this case I grabbed an awesome photo of NYC by @nilssonlee which he made available under Creative Commons license.



First I took a selfie with the regular iPhone camera and later I went after @nilssonlee ‘s photo.
The joining was made possible through the UnionApp, where I cut out my face and replaced it with the city. Adjusts like making my selfie picture less saturated and more contrasted were made using SnapSeed.


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