The Cutest Shih Tzus On Instagram

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Every breed has its own great qualities, and they’re all adorable in their own ways, but boy do I love Shih Tzus! Their ridiculously cute faces with those notorious under bites, and their fluffy bodies. Makes me aww every time!  Shih Tzus are very nice dogs too. They are known for being affectionate, happy, and outgoing. They love nothing more than to follow their people from room to room. Shih Tzus are also awesome for Instagram accounts! Check out our favorites.

1. @pawsofsimba pawsofsimba2   2. @potato_mctater potato_mctater   3. @dailydougie dailydougie2   4. @dailymoki dailymoki2   5.   6. @minniedarling_ minniedarling_   7. @littleshihtzu littleshihtzu   8. @muffincan muffincan   9. @ohthatshihtzu ohthatshihtzu   10. @philippethepuppy philippethepuppy


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