11 Instagram Hidden Gems: Travel Themed Accounts

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As a travel blogger, I get a lot of inspiration from travel photos on Instagram. Love that a simple hashtag can transport you to a different continent, can make you taste new food, and meet amazing people. This is a collection of some great travel photos on Instagram from accounts that will encourage you to book a plane ticket today.


1. @bumbyfoto

He’s a photographer based out of NYC but he transport us from the snowy streets of New York to the classic streets of London.  Love the combination of street scenes, nature, and animals.



2. @whatmickyeats

This Washington, DC based food and travel blogger makes you hungry for wanderlust.  Her photos of her latest trip to Peru makes you want to plan a trip ASAP!



3. @inspirexplorer

Sam from The Inspired Explorer takes you from Paris to Capetown with his photos.  He captures classic scenes from Paris to lions in South Africa. Definitely feel inspired to pack the bags when you see this feed.



4. @palissimissimo

Pal from Art Weekenders love to combine Art and Travel and you can see it through his posts.  The shots from his recent trip to Amsterdam make you feel as if you are walking by the canals and taking in the architecture yourself.



5. @drinking_traveller

Having thoughts of Asia? The Drinking_Traveller photos of Philippines, India, and Timor will take you there.



6. @jcgolfing

Julie Chang loves golf and travel and we can see it through her posts. She posts from around the world but her photos of the American landscape are my favorite, like this shot from the Grand Canyon.



7. @tlange_roam

Love a combination of food and travel? The posts intertwine California organic eggs, fashion, and interior design.



8. @foundatseashore

Love the beach? With these winter blues, I love the sea photos of this feed. Think beaches of Puerto Rico to the British Virgin Islands to help you warm up!



9. @thetravelingginger

Want to go on an adventure? Check out this account for amazing photos from dream destinations like Machu Picchu.



10. @nonstopdestination

How adorable are these pictures of these monkeys in Bali.  Love the crisp scenery of this account, taken exclusively with an iPhone.



11. @kookytraveller

Travel can encompass everything from cities, beaches, and countries.  There is something about raw nature that ignites wanderlust, such as this nature photo of Scotland.



This blog was written by guest blogger Jessica van Dop DeJesus. She is a travel and food blogger based in Washington, DC.  She has lived in Puerto Rico, Korea, Japan, Germany, Belgium, and now is repatriated to the United States.  She loves to experience travel through food and capture her experiences on her blog The Dining Traveler (www.diningtraveler.com) and on Instagram (ink361.com/diningtraveler)




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