The Illustrated World Of Alex Solis

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Alex Solis is an artist based in Chicago. His work comprises mainly of illustrations that combine human elements in them. In this compilation, we get to see the world through Alex’s illustrations. If you want to know what it’s like to see the world in wicked cool illustrations, these photographs are a pretty good place to start.


Here’s how growing old is like

The #famousoldies illustration series according to Alex, is a reminder that we can achieve any goal we work hard on and set our minds to—no matter what our age is.



And when you actually reach your goals

If this broccoli has one thing in common with all of us, it’s that smile it is wearing because it has reached the top of the mountain.



But no goal can be achieved without a little patience

Some things take time, and a little bit of work.



A bit of changing

An overhaul is needed for growth.



And seeing things through our own eyes

Here’s another way of seeing Shakespeare.



A lot of care

“Wear your helmet” is part of a public service announcement series. Care must be taken while pursuing the exciting



Remembering what has passed

This illustration is part of a series, remembering the most beloved things of the past.



Seeing the present

This illustration came out during the world cup. This is another way of seeing the game.



Looking forward to the future

Alex also shares photographs of his children together with their favorite creatures.



Creating meaningful work

Signs and doodles working hand in hand.



Article contributed by Venice Atienza. Venice is a freelance filmmaker and photographer based in the Philippines. She loves telling stories, running, and chasing vegetables. To know more about Venice, visit or follow her on Instagram @veniceCatienza.


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