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Just recently, I intentionally deleted all my Instagram posts to start fresh and focus more on a particular photography subject that I fell in love with ever since — People. Isn’t it quite interesting to capture their emotions, actions and precious moments enabling them to last forever? I may have had photographed some other widely-known subjects but overtime I find myself digging for some portrait shots long stored in my phone’s memory and SD cards to re-edit and upload. I was asked before, “Why portraits?”. “I just don’t want to be another jack of all trades. Why not portraits?” I replied.

Here are some portrait photography essentials that I personally find useful:


1. Know your subject — Talk to them so you get to know them better. Their personalities will naturally come out when they are more comfortable with you during shoot session.



2. Find a different angle — Do some crazy stunts to find another cool perspectives. Lie on the floor, do some squats or you may want to climb a ladder to click some top view shots, whichever you prefer.



3. Play with natural lights — Don’t be afraid of being under the heat of the sun. Go out when the lights are harsh and play along.



4. Frame your subject — Look around and you’ll find some interesting objects which you can use to compose your story. Explore!



5. Crop it — Sometimes, doing some intentional cropping can do the trick.



6. Break the rules — Be you! Put some flavors of yours. Just because it’s called portrait doesn’t mean you need to focus on the subject’s face. Recompose. Create a story.

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Mark Wilson is a CPA by profession. He is a Dubai-based Instagramer and originally from the Philippines. Follow him @makrwilson. Create and share your portraits stories and tag them with #WhyNotPortraits.


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