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We had the pleasure to speak with photographer and Instagrammer, Daniel Cerejo this past week. Daniel is an iPhone only photographer and his shots are just beautiful!


1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 25 years old, I’m from Portugal and my surname – “Cerejo” – means practically the same thing as “cherry”, in Portuguese. I’m a journalist and I work as an editor at a news website connected to University of Porto.



2. How do you first step into the world of photography?

To be honest, I just started to dedicate myself more to photography a few years ago, through Instagram. The moment I bought my first iPhone was crucial to that.



3. How do you describe your style of photography?

I think my style of photography reflects my personality and my sense of humor. I like to laugh and I just shoot what amuses me. First of all, I love to photograph people. For me, photos with people are the most powerful. Then, I try to put them in funny situations or poses to recreate the ideas that flow through my mind and through the inspiration I get from people I follow.

I really enjoy a minimalistic style with vibrant colors. Give me a colorful wall and you make my day. I also like jumps, flips, illusions, weird portraits, weird poses and toys. I love toys, as a matter of fact.



4. Whats your favourite tools or apps that you use for editing your photos?

My favourite app to edit my photos is, definitely, VSCOcam. For me, it’s the best thing out there. Not only just because the filters or the editing tools, but for what VSCO stand for. As a company, they’re amazing. I’m addicted to their curated grid of photos. In relation to my workflow, I usually see if my picture needs a filter, because I’m not a big fan of changing too much the natural colors. If it needs a filter, I try different ones and choose after comparing. In the remote possibility that I need some extra adjustment, I use Photoshop Express and/or Pixlr.



5. Do you always keep in mind the consistency throughout your gallery?

Yes. I try to give my gallery some sense. At least to me. I like to see the right colors get involved and the different styles of photos coexist.



6. Any other photo projects that you are working on right now or plan to do in the near future?

Right now, I’m developing a series of photos that I started shortly after I launched my account. It’s about the hashtag #olhaalialili. This is the Portuguese for something like “Look! Lili is there!”. Liliana, or Lili, as I call her, is one of my best friends and, in fact, we work together. So, as we pass a lot of time with each other, I love to take photos of her in various places. This project even leaded to a tumblr –

In relation to the future and other areas of photography, well, in the craziest reality, I think I would like to experiment fashion photography. In what concerns to brands, let me see… I love Nike, so, if they’re reading this, I’m available, ok?



7. Beside photography, what else do you do?

Besides photography, I would say I’m addicted to collecting toys. Maybe that’s why I’m still single, but, hey, they’re the best! I’m a great fan of pop culture, movies and comic books, so, I have a growing collection. Furthermore, they’re the perfect models to shoot, and I love to give them life through photography.

I also like to watch and play soccer. A lot.



8. Any tips or techniques for new aspiring photographer?

I’m nobody to give advice. I think that if you have fun taking pictures, whether they be food, people or landscapes, you should do that. Don’t let yourself be influenced by the number of likes or comments. Just have fun.



9. Recommend some Instagrammers that inspires you.

I have two hands full of them, but these are, without doubt, my favourites:

@_mattsteele_ | @jonpauldouglass | @connortd



Article by Hans Ding, who is an iPhone photographer from the tiny island city-state of Singapore. With curious eyes and keen awareness to his surroundings, Hans readies his trusty iPhone, standing by interesting pockets of light and awaiting to capture that opportune moment. His photographs are of personal moments in his daily commute and meetings. They highlight human interactions filtered through his eyes and introduce serenity to the usual hustle and bustle of his home city. For more of his work, visit and follow him on Instagram @hanliang.


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