Spotlight Feature: Jesse DeLisle

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Our biweekly joint feature with mobile photography community partner @AMPt, is the wonderful Jesse DeLisle @thewildtraveller. Jesse was one of our awesome INK361 ambassadors that looked for good causes to share with our Instagram community.

Bio: “My name is Jesse DeLisle and photography has become a huge part of my life. I live and breath it, thanks to my trusty iPhone 4s. Mobile photography has taught me so much about photography in general, but also given me the ability to constantly capture a beautiful moment, wherever I may be in this amazing world.

Description: This photo was taken during Vancouver’s #frozencrabmeet in November last year. It’s always fun to create photos using existing hashtag concepts such as #instagrammerdown. Instameets are one of my favourite aspects of the Instagram community and are great for so many reasons, particularly as a way to interact with online friends and create real life-long friendships.

Process: This photo was captured with the native camera. I then did some post-processing in VSCOcam, applying a filter and making some basic adjustments to the exposure, contrast and saturation. The image was square-cropped within Instagram.”


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