Spotlight Feature: Jose Ontiveros

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Our biweekly joint feature with mobile photography community partner @AMPt, is Jose Ontiveros! Check out his account here: @jose0ntiveros


Bio: My name is Jose Ontiveros and I’m a photographer/social media manager. My images are mainly a personal documentation of my travels for work and the things that inspire me as a creative along the way.

Description: This photo was taken at Makapu’u Beach on a recent trip to Oahu. The beach consisted mainly of rocks that housed tide pools beneath them at the edge. I walked out as far as I could go to catch the shot of the water & almost dropped my phone in the process twice. Worth the risk.

Process: Shot with Manual camera app; Edited in VSCOcam; -1 Exposure to tone down the light a bit; +4 Temperature to add warmth; E6 Filter at +12 to cool the tones down; Cropped with Afterlight.


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