11 North American Places Overflowing with Abandoned Exploration Sites

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Graffiti and decay might not be everyones idea of beauty, but theres something magical about the deserted physical representation of what once was. Just the sight of the decaying history of a building can leave one in awe. Here are 11 regions in North America with ruins for days.

1. Pennsylvania


In addition to this penitentiary (which has official tours) there are quite a few unattended hospitals, schools and factories in Pennsylvania.

Photo of Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia by @abandoned_america


2. Detroit, Michigan


The financial crisis in Detroit was profound, resulting in an abundance of abandoned sites across the city.

Photo of Eastown Theater by @detroit_chiver


3. Buffalo, New York


Decrepit churches, factories and more can be found in and around the Buffalo area.

Photo of a cobwebbed-covered church by @wanderlust.diaries


4. Chicago, Illinois


There are over 1,400 buildings in the Windy City that are awaiting demolition (as of October 2014) due to the danger, but there are also places like the Damen Silos—which were used as a set in the movie Transformers 4.

Photo of Damen Silos by @tat_ventures


5. Massachusetts


State hospitals and state schools have been left all around here. Some with unfortunate histories, such as this school for developmentally-disabled children.

Photo of Belchertown State School by @digitaldirtbag


6. Southern Ontario


The usual suspects of abandoned schools, factories, hospitals and such are scattered throughout this region, but in the heart of Toronto lies a waterpark that has been shut down since 2012.

Photo of Ontario Place by @the_sparkler


7. Gary, Indiana


After massive layoffs at U.S. Steel—a major employer in Gary—the city went into decline. In 2013 it was reported that around 6,500 of 7,000 city-owned properties were abandoned. This theatre was built in 1925 and shut down in 1972.

Photo of Palace Theatre by @ill.koncept


8. Arizona


This state has ghost towns, mining ruins, neglected cemeteries, and even—aircraft graveyards.

Photo from an abandoned airplane by @pinky_prom1se


9. Virginia


Abandoned asylums, schools, houses and stores can be found throughout this region.

Photo by of an asylum hallway by @_soliveyourlife_


10. New York City


In the concrete jungle where dreams are made, unfulfilled dreams also leave behind a ton of decay. From abandoned subway stations, a power plant in Yonkers, a “Dead Horse Bay,” in Brooklyn and more, this city has it all.

Photo at track level of City Hall Subway Station by @mjinnyc


11. Los Angeles


With sites such as a historic Nazi-sympathizer compound (Murphy’s Ranch), an abandoned zoo (Griffith Park Zoo) and more, the City of Angels easily makes this list. There’s also a mall (Hawthorne Plaza Mall) — shut down for good in 1999—which can be spotted in movies like “Gone Girl,” “Minority Report,” and “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift.”

Photo of Hawthorne Plaza Mall by @disdrei


This blog was written by guest blogger Eric Mark Do. He is a journalist and urban explorer based in Toronto, Canada. Urban exploration has given him a newfound appreciation for sights (and sites) that are inaccessible for most.

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Disclaimer: This is not intended as a guide to trespassing. Eric Mark Do and INK361 do not encourage or condone destructive or illegal behaviour of any kind. Readers should be aware that many of these places are off limits to the public and located on private property. This list is not an invitation to visit them, but merely a documentation of their existence.

Anyone who decides to take a trip to these locations accepts responsibility for their own actions, which may result in injury, prosecution or even death. We accept no responsibility for those who decide to break the law.


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