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The art of street photography is pretty diverse. It has grown tremendously over the years. Successful projects vary from the Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton to the upcoming and current mobile photo project called 24hourproject. Street photography can be defined and perceived in different ways. The simplest definition would be capturing the realities of life through people. The 24hourproject initiative by Renzo Grande(@aliveinnyc) and Sam Smotherman(@whittiersam) started in 2012. As defined by them this is “A street photography project to document world’s humanity in one single day. Worldwide participants will share their city stories through one photo per hour during 24 hours.”

Let us take a closer look at what they have to say about this creative project :


1. What was the inspiration behind the 24hourproject?

The initial idea was to document and share one single day in the east and west coast of the USA. Then while talking about details, this gave us a bigger idea to invite others from different cities to join us in this crazy adventure to visit our own cities at different hours of the day.

The first year we were only 65 photographers, the next we were 300, and during the last edition 2014 of the project we were 900 enthusiastic individuals looking to share how we each saw our own city during a single day event.

emmstitch - 1a



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2. How can people get involved? How many times a year do you have this event?

We invite everyone who is willing to share their city during a full 24hours period. They have to share one photo per hour, ending with 24 photos shared. They can follow our instagram account @24hourproject where we communicate everything around the event.

The next 2015 edition is already open for registration. Find more details here. Interested participants can visit www.24hourproject.org

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3. As Renzo mentioned about the conference in Mexico, how was it? What was it about? Is there anything specific you would like to share with us?

We had a conference in Mexico where we shared the idea behind the project which was very well accepted by the cultural ministry, we also had a photo walk with all the participants and had a gallery showing for over one month displaying the photos from the 2014 #24HourProject edition.

We had the help of Kodak Mexico and Instagramers Mexico which helped us make the event a success. A documentary video is available within our website here:


whittiersam - 3a

a_ego - 3b4. What do you foresee the future of this project?

We are blessed where this project has gone so far, at first it was only the two of us, then we were 900 photographers united to share our own city. We hope we can take it every further in this year 2015 edition, sharing, documenting and showcasing the world in one single day.
We hope to find interested sponsors who can help us showcase the big picture of having the world documented by local in one single day.


henrybric - 4a@365ken

365ken - 4b 5. How would you be willing to expand?

With the help of sponsors we would like to do the project twice in one year as well as do local workshops where we can do single 24hour photo walk events in specific cities.


aerawbic - 5a


xyzacruzbacani - 5b

@bearfangsbearfangs - 5c6. Do you have a particular subject for every project? As in like a specific theme people should capture in street photography so they learn and explore more?

The main idea of the project is to share the human condition, humanity as we see it and experience it in our own streets. On the 2013 edition we had Ethnicity be the main subject. Other subjects might come in the following editions but always keeping in mind the human condition.

@clarissapranataclarissapranata - 6a@cemlas

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This was an exciting event to be part of last year. This is one project which will make you feel we are all in this together. This year the event is on 21st March, make sure you’ve signed up for this big mobile photography event.
“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter” – Alfred Eisenstaedt

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Article contributed by Simran Nanwani @simirani – a passionate photographer and writer. She photographs moments through her camera and iPhone and mainly writes about captivating moments found in daily living. Find her online at simirani.wordpress.com


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