New Layout From Instagram App

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Instagram released a new standalone app this week called “Layout”. The app lets users create neat collages of their photos. The interface is simple and elegant, much like their other apps.



Upon opening the app, all of the images on your phone will be displayed for choosing. There are 3 tabs: All, recents, and faces. The ‘all’ tab is self explanatory, it displays all of your images. ‘Recents’ are recently added photos to your device. And lastly, ‘faces’ are images with people in it. The app has a neat feature that detects faces in order to categorize them as images with people in them. Another great detection feature that this app has is the centering of the photo based on the location of the face.

Once you have selected which photos you want to use, the app presents a variety of layout options for you to choose from.



Once you have selected the perfect layout for your collage, you can edit the individual images. You can replace an image, flip, or mirror it.



Once you are happy with your choices, just click save and it will be in your cameral roll, ready to upload to Instagram!





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